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le grand tilleul is located in the southwest of France, in the Lot department, more specifically in the Dordogne valley. 

This region is home to a wide variety of pituresque villages where the authentic charm of the French countryside can still be found.  

The Lot is more than worth discovering in terms of historical, cultural gastronomic and sporting aspects.  

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Would you like to do some nice walks?

Or would you rather go kayaking? 

Or an adventurous tour on an electric mountainbike step?

No problem, hiking maps and brochures are available on site.  

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Rocamadour goat cheese, duck leg confit, nut cake, Rocamadour wine… Do you want to enjoy the local gastronomy? Restaruants come in all shapes and sizes.

Tip: Inge’s favourite address is the local ice cream farm.  1 minute by car or a 1 km walk from le grand tilleul, if only to have the illusion that you have walked off the calories

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5 km ⋅ VILLAGE


This town, spectacularly built against the steep cliffs, has defied the laws of gravity for centuries, and grew from the Middle Ages into an important meeting place for pilgrims.  

You can visit Rocamadour by walking from the castle and via the “Way of the Cross” to the churches and then via the 216 steps to the shopping street.

Tip: If you’re brave, go back up the same way…or just take the elevator.  

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19 km ⋅ VILLAGE


This beautiful village is located in a natural canyon.  The houses are mansions and country houses with typical square dovecotes.  The facades are clear, the tiles are brown and form a perfect harmony with the surrounding rocks.  

A short walk, just outside the village, wil l take you to a 30m high waterfall, depending on the season.  

© Luc Fauret

53 km ⋅ CITY


Whether you go to Sarlat on a weekday or on a busy saturday, it remains just as beautiful and bustling.  You can enjoy the honey colored facades, the many shops, restaurants and terraces.  Everything is harmonious in this small city that has so well been restored and maintained.

You can stroll on the Sarlat market on Wednesday morning, Thursday evening, and the whole day of Saturday. Lots of choice in regional products and ideal for bon vivants and gourmets of all kind.

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6,2 km ⋅ CITY


Here you can get all your groceries, in small shops or larger supermarkets.  There is a small market on Tuesday and Friday mornings, where you can buy directly from local farmers and producers.


An aperitif on a terrace with the freshly bought saucisse…simple, yet so tasty and cozy.

© Teddy Verneuil

20 km ⋅ VILLAGE


Again 1 of “the most beautiful towns of France”.  The special charm of Loubressac is its privileged location with a beautiful panorama over the surrounding castles and the Dordogne valley.

At trotxtrem.com you can book a tour with an electric mountanbike step and visit Loubressac and admire AutoirE from afar in one fell swoop. Fun !

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58 km ⋅ VILLAGE


The most awarded village in the Lot.  Narrow streets and enclosed houses built on top of a cliff.  The road goes up and down: a brisk walk, rewarded with a panoramic view of the Lot river.  

To avoid excessive kilometers, take the opportunity to visit the Pech Merle cave.

© Cyril Nevello

18 km ⋅ VILLAGE


A small village, belonging to “the most beautiful towns of France”.  And it deserves this title, with its small windy streets and its half-timbered houses. Everything is perfectly intertwined.

Wander through the streets and discover the Saint-Pierre church and its magnificent cloister.  

© Anaël Dang

34 km ⋅ VILLAGE


You will quickly understand why this village is so called: the red sandstone is omnipresent. 

Old houses, alleys, shops, a bistrot,… a beautiful setting for a romantic stroll.  

The beautiful Romanesque church has a 20 meters high octagonal tower from the 12th century and is well worth a visit.


64 km ⋅ VILLAGE


A charming and authentic village in the Périgord, best known for the Lascaux Cave with its stunning prehistoric mural paintings.  

If you take a trip to Montignac Lascaux, don’t forget to stop for a nice guided tour of the Lascaux caves.

© Cécile Asquier

19 km ⋅ VILLAGE


Also called “the 7 towers town”.  Cozy streets, a very beautiful covered central square surrounded by terraces, restaurants and little shops…

Enjoying the good life in a beautiful setting.  

Step back in time and let yourself be enchanted by the stunning environments by a ride on the tourist train, just outside the village centre.

© Teddy Verneuil

41 km ⋅ CITY


A charming town with a perfect mix of shopping street, restaurants and nice terraces.  If you ant to see a lively Figeac, go there on Saturday morning to discover one of the most beautiful markets in the Lot.  

Figeac is also the birthplace of the Egyptologist Champollion.  You can admire an enlarged version of the Rosette stone or, for the real ancient Egypt fans, visit the Champollion museum.  

© Cyril Nevello

65 km ⋅ CITY


This city will enchant you with its many alleys in the style of yesteryear and its historical monuments, of which the Valentré bridge is the most famous one.

For wine lovers, book a visit to one of the many wine estates, with Cahors wine tasting of course.  

le grand tilleul is ideal to relax after an active day out and about or to enjoy just doing nothing.